Hi all, i am fairly new to playing guitar (about 3 weeks of practise so far) and iv mainly focused on open chords and switching between them and iv just got almost all my changes quick and smooth, some are a little rough but their getting there plus a little theory including chord construction and im about to start working on some scales.

I am now trying to learn to play a few songs and im looking at the chord listings for songs and im finding it hard to work out the strumming patterns when i listen to the songs. Are their any tips people have for working out the strumming patterns.

Also what scales should i focus more on learning, im into blues/rock stuff so i know the major and pentatonic scales are useful plus the blues scale but am i missing any. I really appreciate any advice, thanks
Strumming patterns are the rhythm of a song, so try tapping out the beat of the guitar strumming with your finger/hand on some surface. Once you've got that down it's just a question of moving from the imprecise tapping on a surface to the more precise strumming on a guitar. All that is is practice. As for whether to play up or downstrokes, i would say seeing as you've been playing only 3 weeks just start with whatever you can, then move onto the different sounds techniques for each.

If you want a simple pattern try looking at green day - almost all fairly simply strummed open chords/power chords.

you won't fully understand/appreciate the major/pentatonic scales yet so just stick to those for now there isno point moving onto more complex ones until you have a good feel of those. Indeed some really good guitarists seem never to move beyond them :p
The only 6 words that can make you a better guitarist:

Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more
First learn the technique of the actual patterns.

A lot of figuring out what someone else does, has to do with your own skill.

If you played the pattern perfectly somewhere in your "Guitar life", then you know the technique that goes with the sound of the pattern, so it's much easier to figure out.

I'd suggest to open up something like powertab, guitarpro, Tuxguitar etc. and make 1 or 2 bar random strumming patterns.

Start out with using simple 8th strum pattern at somewhere between 100 - 120 bpm.

Keep down strums on all the down beats, and up strums on upbeats;


1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and

the numbers are downstrokes, and the the "and"'s are upstrokes.

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