This is meant lighthearted, Im actually incredibly talented and beautiful...!

Self Deprication is a Skill

Gotta work real hard do the best i can
if i want things to go my way
coz you cant rely on looks and charm
when you really aint got any
I was born an instant underdog
a social mystery
you might not wanna f*ck
but i swear you'll never forget me

a sense of humours a must
when you've stuck with life like this
everyones got one thing theyd change
well ive got a f*cking list
hopelessly nostalgic
consistently bad taste
years of evolution
have really gone to waste

I'm a narcisstic loser
a vocabulary abuser
dignity and pride
so casually exchanged
self deprications a skill
so long as it's done well
and I'll list every inhibition
in pursuit of fame

You'd think I'd be progressing,
but I never learn my lesson
After every failed attempt
you'd think I'd get the knack
god didnt give me beauty
and he sure didnt give me brains
just the ability to rhyme
about the flaws I have
“I smoke. If this bothers anyone, I suggest you look around at the world in which we live and shut your f*ckin' mouth.” RIP
Ha, as you read you can see you slowly got more and more into the rhtyhm and tone of this piece. I love it when you can read a piece and instantly pick up the energy and enthusiasm with which it was written, and always a good sign when you can pick up a melody too.

A rather witty (if still grounded in juvenile humour) piece, great energy, horribly enjoyable last two stanzas.

Yup. You all over.
I like it, especially the 3rd stanza
I love the last few lines
Drink the sauce. Go on, it's okay. Just remember, I am the quest.

Quote by illuminatiano
sensitive and funny. it made me smile. therefore, only a smiley will suit

yeah, i'm happy with them two.