I love to play metalcore. It's just really fun to me. Hand of Blood (BFMV), Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow (also BFMV) and Confiend (As I Lay Dying) are the only songs I know in this genre. Any suggestions of good/fun songs to play like this?
4 Words by BFMV, Bleeding Mascara by Atreyu is a good song to learn, altho its a bit difficult if you cant do sweep picking. Almost all the Atreyu before Lead Sails is pretty fun I think.
Ones that YOU like.
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I'm a noob. Don't know what sweep picking is.

If Demonology and Heartache (Atreyu) counts as metalcore, I can play most of that too.

Nice suggestions so far, if anyone has more, that'd be dandy.
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Whispers by All That Remains isn't too difficult of a metalcore song. Their best stuff though is from the album This Darkened Heart. Look at And Death in Your Arms. Every Trivium song too.