Hey guys, just added a short little orchestral(ish) piece to my profile.

Thinking of finding a place for it in a longer song, let me know what you think!


Feel free to check out my other songs while you're there of course.
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Sounded Great! it would be an awesome intro for any genre of music, from death metal to something softer. the inclusion of the snare really builds up the piece into what would be the guitar section i guess. i loved it and good luck! could you check out my song https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1168548 thanx and i enjoyed listening
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nice dude. this wouldbe a great way to start a record off. reminded me of pink floyed. great playing and composing. you got the mood across thats for sure. it was short at 118. but that was the point. good job.

i also lisatend to at a stretch. i liked it allot. the singing was cool. verry laid back. reminded me of someone in the early 60s or something. that was majestic. great job.

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