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One day, I was setting up on stage at a show with my band, and I went to use my NS-2, but it wouldn't work. I use a battery, not the adapter, though I've tried an adapter and it had the same results. When I plug into the pedal, the light turns on whether I turn the pedal on or not, and it's a very faint light. Now no matter what I do, the light remains like this, and there is no sound coming from my amp whatsoever.

Anybody ever have this happen to them/know any ways I could fix this short of buying a new pedal?

This is our last chance.
Well if you changed the battery/used the adapter and the light is still faint could be faulted somehow. You can send it in for a new one if its under the 5yr warranty.
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Stupid but..did you make sure the "Mode" knob is set to reduction and not mute?
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I don't think it's under warranty >.< I'll call to find out soon.

And yeah, it's on reduction.
This is our last chance.