I just wanted opinions on what area or parts of music thoery I should learn more about from here. I'm a bassist, but when I write songs, I write in all the instruments, and I can usually find something that not only fits, but compliments any line a guitarist thinks of. I know the intervals, I know the major and minor scales, how they're constructed, what makes a chord neutral, major, or minor, how to construct major and minor chords and scales, I understand key signatures, even if I don't like them, I know the cycle (the circle of fourths and fifths), and I want to know what else there is that I should work on. I play and write Punk, Grunge, Alternative, Post-Grunge, and Pop-Punk. So, what should I work on? I honestly think my understanding of what I've listed is solid enough that reviewing isn't going to help me too much.
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