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Have you gone for without sleep?

24 hours. I then made up for it for sleeping 14.
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3 days and 3 nights. Then I promptly crashed for 13 hours of sleep.
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About 36 hours. I got up one morning and played Final Fantasy X for like 30 hours straight then crashed. Hard

5 days.
i'm hyper all the time.
maybe b/c i'm a teenager.
or maybe b/c i'm always hyper.
sometimes it's b/c i'm not even hyper but

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a week. I have horrible insomnia and meds dont help. I'm regularly awake for a day, unless more. And I never make up the sleep i miss It kind of sucks. And then this brought on clinical deppresion.
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Wait 5 hours
Be accused by the promoter of being late
Get told we have only a 10 minute set
Play pure noise for 10 minutes

Worst and most amusing gig of my life.

Anyone else had this kind of **** happen?!

Dimebag had a worse gig.
Not long!
Cuz what you reap
Is what you sow!
(Probably not more than 24 hours. I'm a pansy.)
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My record was something like 36 straight without any sleep and around 3 hours of sleep in a 43 hour period.
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Roughly 50 hours.
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around 2 1/2 days after a friend and I splurged all our money on various energy drinks, starbucks, etc.
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I dunno actually, I think it is around 2 days.
grok it.


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2 days
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Grandfather clocks and jizz.
somewhere around 28 hours
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Your post was the only bright spot in this disgusting piece of thread.

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5 days...felt very bad during day 3...constant nausea.

slept for 20+ hours on the 6th day.
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Dayum... how do you guys stay up that long? my max was maybe like 17 hours at a sleepover.
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Dayum... how do you guys stay up that long? my max was maybe like 17 hours at a sleepover.

Red Bull, Coke, Coffee, cold shower every 5 hours...but you start feeling like shit after 3 days.
🙈 🙉 🙊
79 hours.


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ive gone 72 hours with no sleep
it was brutal
i slept for like 2 days after and i went to sleep the second my head hit the pillow
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7 days.. I'm serious. It was a magnificent experience.
Me and my mates tried a 14 day nonstop, no sleep gameathon. Lots me coffee and energy drinks but after 11 days you start to get hallucinations. When that happened we packed it in and slept for 2 days with toilet and food moments
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four days, four of the longest days of my life. I have sporadic insomnia and I take medication to sleep on a regular basis, but it didn't work that time. Four days of hallucinations, hearing voices, and being in a perpetual daze... One of the worst segments of my life, and I'm afraid I'll be going into it again because I didn't sleep last night.
around 20-22 hours.

I woke up, did the normal stuff for a few hours, and then played Empire at War from 5 pm to 7 am.

I was so focused on the game that I had no idea that it was light outside. I finally turned from the computer screen and nearly had a heart attack when I looked out the window and saw the clock.
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78 hours. I was a zombie. I drank so much Mt. Dew during that time I think I got Diabetes.

are you serious? holy ****
The longest I stayed up was 36-40 hours, I forget. My church's youth group used to have an annual video game night. The youth building would be filled with TVs and video game consoles and there'd be lots of tournaments. We'd have music playing over the sound system and usually we'd have a couple of projectors for some sort of sports-game tournament. I helped set up and tear down one year, so I was up from somewhere like 6am to 6pm the next day.
5 f*cking days

damn school, projects, hw, congress, and exams

hahah actually that was a pretty nice week
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