I got a pretty bad problem, i lost the spring for my pickup and now it is tilted to the side. do you guys think if i put paper inside it to level it, it will be good? could that like cause a fire, or some type of internal burning?
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Splash out and get a new spring, most guitar-part dealers will stock them.

You can get them for under a buck a spring.
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there is not even close to enough energy in a guitar to start a fire, but id still get a new spring
Haha, considering most pickups don't have a constant current running through them (EMF for the win), there is no way a fire will ever ever start there unless you're like jimi hendrix.

Also, you can get a big box of springs from home depot, and in there are springs (i use them a lot for stuff) and one of them will fit a pickup perfectly...

I guess you could use paper but then you can't adjust it...