Newbie here again...I've watched and listened to the video a dozen times and still can not figure it out. I sure that will come in time.

Until then...Does anyone know the strumming or tab for God bless this Mess by Sheryl Crow? Got the cords from this website.

Hi NC_Acoustic! I'm just about to figure out the strumming pattern for you. Without playing along with it, I think its DDUUDU. But I'm not too sure, So I'll get back to you when I've had a quick play along.

Either way, Happy Playing!

EDIT: Its a fast song & I can't figure it out... I recommend you just play along with it & get the chords timed right (one strum on each chord) and then add a strumming. Thats what I do for all the songs I play. Sorry if I haven't helped.
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