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I currently have the opportunity to purchase a sovtek mig 100 off of the internet. its going at a reasonable price and by all accounts they are high quality amps. However, a freind recently told me that some of these amps were manufactured in china, not russia. I was wondering if anybody knew if there was any truth to this and if so how to tell if its Russian or Chinese.

It is Russian and your friend is a dunderhead. Sovtek is a Russian company and made the Mig amps in the early 90s with military spec parts that are almost exact copies of Marshalls. They are good amps but if one does go wrong (no likely because they are sturdy) you most likely won't get any customer support.
buy it, migs are incredible. I had the chance to buy a mig 50 for a few hundred and i regret not doing it. its has some of the most rediculous distortion ive ever heard, and its built like tank, so customer support really isnt necessary.
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If you don't buy it, you'll wake up with me over your face, smiling, holding a banana and whipped cream.
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Slightly off-topic, but I was in a second-hand store the other day and there was a Sovtek bass quad with the Soviet flag in the logo and next to it was a glass cabinet with a Nazi swastika armband.

Actually that's very off-topic.

In Soviet Russia, amp buys you.
A band I saw used a Boss DS-1 to boost the MIG and an Avatar cabinet with either Greenbacks or vintage 30's I forgot but the tone was really nice smooth sounding.
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oh, and for the record, the late 90's amps were manufactured in china. After the were bought by the guy who owns electro-harmonix. But the chinese ones are much rarer, and mush worse quality, so you don't see them often.
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