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Which do you guys prefer, flamed or quilted. Also feel free to post your favorite flamed/quilted tops in here. Let the sexiness begin! ( I know that there are other types of tops such as redwood and such, just these are the most common)


Or Quilted?

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LOL at the sign in the gibson ad...

but i like flamed better. i like the more...symetrical look i guess.
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i put quilted. the flamed kinda looks ridiculous. at least in that blue color
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Quilted. I prefer it over the liney, symmetrical Flame.
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Honeslty I like both, but i like flamed only the picture your using is UGLY. However I wouldn't mind that LP, oh wait | .
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yeah flamed is better on my opinion although it depends on the finish sometimes

for the reddish brown ones i think quilted looks better though
and for the flamed pic you should have used a epi LP blue flamed top if you wanted a nice blue flame those things look sweet (unfortunately the jonas brothers uses one )

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I'm kind of split. I like a flame with brighter colours but darker shades of brown and amber and whatever else always look gorgeous on a quilt top.
Both have their moments. The quilt on my Ibanez is gorgeous, so I'll go with that.

It's the colour and type of paint/stain they use that really dictates what it looks like though, anything too overblown can make either type of figuring look like crap.
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I like a flamed top a lot more than quilted, but that picture is not that great an example for a flamed top.
i like the flame tops prs guitars have
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I love both, but I've always found quilt absolutely stunning.

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I like flame between the two. Why?

Because sometimes quilt looks like a wrinkly 50 year old lady who fake bakes 4 times a week.

However, in most cases, I like natural wood grain. But that's only on guitars with relatively straight grain or really cool grain, like spalted maple.
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I like either a sunburst plaintop or a very very light flame. Nothing like what PRS puts on their guitars.
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And red.

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I prefer Quilted tops I think they have much more character than a flame top.
I like quilted because the flame has that obvious split down the middle and quilted sort of just flows better.
i think the flame and quilt on both those guitars look pretty bad but i gotta lean towards flame
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i think the flame and quilt on both those guitars look pretty bad but i gotta lean towards flame

no love for the modern eagle? I'll try to find some betwe pics, the top is stunning

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on les paul, flame.

On most other guitars, quilt.
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And red.

you keep an eye on my build.

generally flamed, though quilt is nice too, really depends on the piece and the way its finished though.

no to hi-jack your thread but..

would you people consider this flame maple or quilt..??? i think its flame, but its odd figure, unusual cause most is typical flame is real straight..

both are great, also depends on the finish, I find myself leaning a bit more to Flamed personally
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Despite all the sexy quilt top examples here, im a Flamed guy. There's just something about a flame topped Honeyburst LP/PRS that just makes me drool

EDIT: Wow... what kind of LP is that one? ^^^ Gorgeous
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i think they both can be pretty mad looking. depends on the quality and colour of it really.

would you people consider this flame maple or quilt..??? i think its flame, but its odd figure, unusual cause most is typical flame is real straight..

"Quilted Flame" ?

That green hurts the eye though. Matter of taste i guess.

back to topic:

I like quilted better, it looks more organic and it's a wonder of nature for me. But a really beautiful quilted top is more rare than a flamed one i think.
Quilt ftw! Suhr 2009LE is my evidence.
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I'd say quilt on most guitars apart from a Les Paul.

That quilt top is just orgasmic!
Quilt on most guitars

but some PRS' flames are simply orgasmic

EDIT: Also I'm not a fan of quilted when the grain is in really tight pockets and it clutters the image of the guitar, more moderate quilting appeals better to me, and I like both flame and quilted maple to have a bit of irregularity in the grain to give it more individuality, perfectly straight grain on flame is Snoozeville for me
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Flamed maple ftw.



a little too much....
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Quilt all the way...

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Flamed if its done right. For instance, i don't like the example you put up, but it's just because of the color blend.
Neither... I prefer "plain" wood grains tbh.

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Quilted. No contest.
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