I'm wondering if this **** will even work.

Guitar: an old entry-level, 6-string, standard scale acoustic guitar that has some pretty damn high action.
Desired Tuning: ADGCEA or BEADF#B

First, would any strings work on this guitar at that low of a tuning, or are we talking a change of scale lengths here?

But... if it is possible, what gauge will I be looking at? Here are the options I see at GC:
16-56... resophonic=resonator?
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my husband tunes down on all his guitars without anything special in the way of action or strings with no problem.
I can't imagine that with 12-54 gauge strings you can tune a low E string all the way down to A without getting some fret buzz. You would have to have some combination of pretty high action and neck relief, and even then I would think you might still get some buzz. If a guitar has really low action then it will even buzz a little bit if you just put it in drop D.

Tuning the low E down to B would be a whole step higher than A. If you can do A, then you can dang sure do B.

I guess this definitely all depends on how hard you are playing. I suppose that you could tune the low E down to an A and not get buzz if you pick extremely lightly or do some light fingerpicking. Basically... why don't you just give it a try and see what happens?

I would speculate that it would be a real pain in the ass to keep the guitar in tune in either one of those tunings, though.
I've used various tunings with the low E string tuned down to B and I must say that it's not really that good with my light strings (12-53). It's not buzzing, but it's just really floppy and doesn't have the feel of tension in the string.

I really can't imagine tuning all of the strings down, to let says baritone tuning with light gauge strings. You should definitely go for the a heavy gauge set of strings if you want any success when tuning that low.