So, does no one play these anymore? Because my friend made a great one:


And it's down to about 100-150 members even though, in my opinion, the people there are fun to talk to. It requires a decent amount of strategy, and a lot of team work. The people in the game make it as funny as the pit, except there's slightly more moderation there, lol.

Point being, with all the consoles / games that are out, does no one enjoy a good text based game anymore?
I'm sure there are those that do enjoy them.
grok it.


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Hell, it's a way to while away the time, when there's nothing good in the Pit and I'm not in the mood for full blown 3d games.
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im spoiled with pretty graphics

Meh, if a game is well designed the graphics are secondary IMO. But that topic really belongs in the game forum.

And the game in the OP is pretty impressive, once you've figured it out
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Yeah, it's a lot of fun. I've burned through a lot of time on that game just talking to people, lol. Played it since I was 11.

Best and one of the hardest text based games ever-- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Turn based?

Final Fantasy 7
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Turn based?

Final Fantasy 7

Well, Rise to Glory is turn based in the sense that you take a turn and you building, make military, increase your population among other things.

I think one of the most fun things about the game is casting war spells on another person's kingdom and completely devastate their military with fireballs or chain lightning that rips from military unit to unit, charring their insides or (One my favorate) A Stink Cloud warspell that kills mass amounts unit purely due to the toxic odor.

It's just all around a great game.
i just clicked your link and looks fun...
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