So basically, anyone with a Hellraiser, can you tell me...

What kind of amp you're using and any pedals
How the cleans are.
Distortions are
How they sound coil tapped
The difference in sound between the two pickups

Well, I just got mine 4 days ago.It's a C-1 Fr Hellraiser. Black Cherry Finish (it's beautiful btw)

EMG 81: The 81 in the bridge is amazing. kinda noisy but, what high output actives aren't? anyways... On high gain, this thing screams. on a warm overdrive, it's chunky(if that's the word?) and powerful . clean, it leaves a bit to be desired... but that's what the 89 is for.

EMG 89: Warm, clean, clear. I love it. High gain, sounds very good. wamr overdrive, more chunky than 81. cleans, very warm. excellent for sweeping on high gain.

81 single coil. i'm not a big fan, but i don't really care much for single coil pickups. sonds great clean. high gain however.. that's a no no with single coil pickups. sounds great on overdrive tho.

89 single coil: Sounds Beautiful on cleans. So amazing. overdrive, sounds good. high gain, once again... a nono.

Any hellraiser is going to be good. Mahogany wood sounds very nice in my opinion. It makes it sound powerful (to me). It's a little bit on the heavy side, but that's a plus to me. the weight distribution is perfect. if you let both hands of while standing, it stays in place (whereas mu jackson is neck heavy and falls to the ground)

But, as with most people, you really shuld go somewhere to try this guitar out before you buy. it. i wasn't going toget it, but decided, what the hell, i'll try it. and was blown away enough to actually buy it.

i would definitely recomend it.

I use it through a crate flexwave halfstack... and they're known to be a little noisy. but,i use the amps built in high gain so that's definitely why it's a bit noisy with the emg's.

if you get emg's, or any other high output active pickups, you'll need a noise suppressor. i'm going to be getting one soon cause i play with a lot of dist.

anyways........ hope this helps sorry if it's a bit long
Eh. I'm hoping I can get some active EMG's whether its this set or an 81/60 with the EC-1000.

I don't want them to sound ****ty on my amp though
^^ i think you've got problems if they're noisy. EMG's are never as noisy as passives. The way they're made kills outside noise, unlike passives.

What amp?

In my experience, the clarity of the cleans is more dependent on the amp. With my amp, cleans are perfect. Tone isn't as great as some other passives i've tried, but they ahve more headroom than other passives i've tried. The distortion is freakin awesome. The best high gain **** ever. Real tight, punchy rhythm and awesome-ass leads. The coil tapping does wonders. Sounds like a single. What can I say.. Less gain, more headroom, twangier. Not exactly the single coil sound, but close and noise-free.

81tw is brighter and recommended for bridge. 89 is fatter and recommended for neck.

The other way around, and I think you lose precious high end in the bridge and precious low end in the neck. Like, with an 89 or 85 in bridge, the thin 3 strings just don't shine as they do with the 81..
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Quote by apak
^^ i think you've got problems if they're noisy. EMG's are never as noisy as passives. The way they're made kills outside noise, unlike passives.

they put out a lot more feedback than my passives on my jackson.

you recommend any noise suppressors?
feedback and noise are usually treated as seperate beasts.

i've got a boss ns-2 and it works fine, or if you want to pay a bit more, the isp decimator is pretty much the industry standard.