ive got a $200 les paul look alike (possibly made by Gibson according to the metal plate connecting the neck to the body)

but yeah, its got a quite a bit of feedback when ive got some sort of tone pedal on. and its very prominent/annoying. and it goes away the 2nd i touch a string on the neck, but if i try muting it at the bridge or laying my hand across all the strings, it takes awhile for it to stop and go completely silent. and i was wondering if this is just a normal thing with all guitars, or could it be my setup? ive got a crate amp (cant figure out what one) set on clean, vol. at about 6, low at 7, mids at 6.5, and high at 3. going into a seymour duncan pickup booster, then NS-2--->DS-1 ----> dan elecrto fab dist.----> dan electro fab metal----> back into NS-2----> guitar

probably a dumb question, but hey need alittle help from the wiser guitar players on here
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Do you use the distortion pedals with the amps overdrive?
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my Epiphone does that, as does my Samick, its more than likely your pups, I know my Epiphones are hot enough to pick up me talking while I sit down and play. (and they are stock pups, no lie)
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A 200$ LP knock off is very likely to have microphonic pickups. They may have never been wax potted or poorly done. The NS2 is not gonna do much for that kind of feedback.

It could also be your signal chain. As your using you clean channel you havent made that mistake. You might try eliminating pedals to see if they are contributing to it. The SD pedal is probably made pretty good but dont know its gonna react w poorly made microphonic pickups.