Mr Rolon, from New Britain, was charged with reckless driving and driving without a licence.

imagine if a cop had pulled him over, and he tried to get his license, but instead pulled out a handful of snakes!

oh, the hillarity!
I have no opinion on this matter.
at the thread title
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Fuck you I'm trying to be caring and shit

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Okay guys, I have a confession to make. Not really a confession since it's something that's been bugging me for awhile but I've always been in denial about it.

**** you gilly, it's not what you think
I opened this thread expecting something TOTALLY different...
Seattle Seahawks

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i feel like you have an obsession with aubrey plaza.

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Where the **** is New Britain?


Is that some retarded way of saying America?

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Is that some retarded way of saying America?

The article says this was in Conneticut.

So probably.