This is my first attempt ever at seriously writing lyrics. I felt like this was the perfect time to start because I'm feeling a lot of emotions right now, and I figured it'd be healthy to release them onto paper as opposed to bottling them up.

So with that said, give me hell =) there's no other way I can learn unless I clearly understand where I'm going wrong- so don't hold back!

I've only managed to make a 1st Verse and a 1st Chorus, but I plan on adding a 2nd Verse, 2nd Chorus, Bridge, 3rd Verse, and final Chorus when I can figure out what to write. So for now I'd like your opinion(s) on what I have so far.

The lyrics, admittedly, are really generic. It's about loving someone and knowing that they love someone else, and struggling to let go of them so they can continue with their life.

Verse 1
I'm lifted by the smile on your face
I'm taken by the power of your embrace
How come you can't love me like the way that I love you?

I'd immolate my soul just to make you mine
Because you give the sun a reason to shine
Oh how come you love him more?
Why do you love him more?

Chorus 1
I'll never be the one to give you that special kiss
I thought we could've had something special, but I guess I was amiss
It's hard to accept because I wish it wasn't so

I reminisce about the times we would stay up late at night
It's a struggle, it's a battle, it's a burden, it's a fight, but
I've got to let go...