I was just playing the little run in "Sir Duke", and when I screwed up one of the higher bits a few times, so I kept replaying it. About the third time I replayed it, I hit the 16th fret, A string, and my index finger, pressed down completely, went even further down. This is the tip of it, by the way. It felt like it just collapsed. The pain was pretty intense for something so simple, and if I press the spot hard enough, I get the same pain. I can still play on it fine, but it definitely still hurts. This ever happened to anyone before?
I've had it. Just rest it for a while. It can happen to me after I've been playing for a while and my fingers feel exhausted. Doesn't happen anymore since I've gotten nicer basses with lower action. You're either pushing way to hard or you have to push too hard because of a poor setup.
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