i want to play jamestown story and he tunes F Bb F F Bb F. im assuming he tunes up because otherwise he would sound like meshuggah lol. what gauge strings are good for tuning up so they dont break. am i going to have to adjust the trust rod? if you have a link on how to do so that would be awesome. thx.
^^ How the hell would a capo work?

Since you're gonna be tuning up E, D and e strings, and tuning down A, G, and B, I think 9 and 10 gauges will be fine.
im guessing i would have to find the same tuning just in a different key then put the capo until the low E is at an F. thats a good alternative but im still curious on good things to do to in order to tune up.
Low E is at F on the first and 13th fret, it wouldn't work.

You have to tune down 3 strings and tune up 3. Using a capo would be difficult.

I play in open chords and often tune my high e to F# and D to E and they don't break. So you should be fine.
Not necessarily.

They might snap. Bigger guages are usually better for tuning down. I can't explain why, but I believe it has to do with the thickness being able withstand lower sound wave vibrations.

I think tuning higher with thick strings will make them twang a little bit.
i would think 9's or 10's would be fine. tuning the D string up a step and a half is probably going to be a bad idea with anything larger. i would go for 9's, as it looks like you are tuning up more strings than down and up is the way with the biggest change.