I've just come onto about 1000$ dollars and now since I finally have enough, I want to start making my own home recording studio.

All I want help with is what general things do I need or should have, like a microphone, pre-amp, etc. You don't need to tell me a specific product, just the type of product, but if you have a strong recommendation, please say so.

I want to try to make the best studio I can, and my budget won't stop at 1000$, I'll save up more and more as I go to get more things and/or to upgrade.

So yea, that's all I really want, thanks in advance.

And if this isn't in the right place or if it's inappropriate, sorry.
Depends what instruments you're gonna be recording.
If you're just doing guitar, bass and vocals and programming drums or something, then you can get away with an interface with 2 preamps and you can spend more on software and nice mics, if you want to record drums you'll need a more expensive interface with more preamps.
Leave some money for a software budget too.
Get REAPER for your DAW, then there's plenty of free plugins you can find that will do the same job as one that costs a ****ton of money (especially when it comes to EQ's) and a ton of compressors that'll do the job pretty ****ing well

yadda yadda, more details man
Yea, I have some drums but they can't fit in my room. I plan on just doing some programmed drums with guitar.

So what Pre-amps do you recommend? I also just think I'm gonna settle on the SM57 mic, seems like a cheap way to get good quality.

.....and I like mids too
I'd recommend an interface such as the Motu Ultralite-Mk3. This, or something similiar, has two mic inputs, and connects to you're pc via firewire. It'll do multitrack recording, and also has midi in and out to record midi. If you need more inputs there are interfaces available that have them, although these obviously cost more.

So i'd get that, plus a cheap keyboard controller for doing drums and synths, a couple of mics, and spend the rest on a pair of monitors.
The Presonus Firebox is very good. I have a friend who's always used it for his bands and he's never had any problems. It's about $250. If you don't want to spend that much there's a lot of other choices for less. If you only need 1 track then you can get the M-Audio Fast Track for about $150.
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so what a pre amp actualy is is just something that I can plug mics into, etc.?

Then I guess I'll stick with my Line 6 UX1 for now.

What's a good MIDI keyboard?
Quote by ChadHasADD
so what a pre amp actualy is is just something that I can plug mics into, etc.?

Then I guess I'll stick with my Line 6 UX1 for now.

What's a good MIDI keyboard?

Depends what you want it for. If you just want something to play synths and samples with, you can use any keyboard that has midi out. Im using an old yamaha from about 10 years ago, but it does the job fine. Newer keyboards can be hooked-up to control other things within your DAW, but these tend to cost more. If you want something simple, just try and find something second hand, but make sure it has midi connectivity. Some might connect via USB but this will also work
alright, this was good.

So the plan is to get a Shure SM57, Reaper, and is it neccessary to buy monitors?
Monitors are essential if you want accurate mixes. If you just want to record your ideas then its not that essential necessarily, thoguh i'd still recommend getting some.

Anything remotely serious will be benefitted by having a pair of monitors
I didn't think monitors were a big deal when everyone was saying you need them.

I scored a pair on eBay and they have helped me quite a bit.
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I'll go ahead and agree with the other posters here. A good interface and monitors are two of the most crucially important investments you will make.

$1000 will get you a good interface, but won't leave you much room for monitors, as about $700 - $1000 is about where the good monitors start, in my opinion.

Something like a Presonus Firestudio, M-Audio Profire, or Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 will run you between $500 - $700

Then something like the Yamaha HS80M, Dynaudio BM5A, or Mackie HR624mkII will run you between $800 - $1000

Do yourself a favor and go for something good with both your interface and monitors right from the start. It will save you time, money, and headaches in the long run, and even in the not-so-long run.

You'll spend less money over time, spend less time second guessing your gear and your mixing, and spend less time beating your head against the wall with tracks you can't seem to make work, or a mix you can't seem to get to sound right. And it will be a lot longer before you outgrow the gear's accommodations and quality.