The one one my squire is ****, it makes the strings to high off the board, so I was told getting a better bridge would fix this. What would be a good one to get?
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Adjust the saddles.
Problem solved.
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If your strings are too high off the board, just lower your action.
Just a thing I like to do with any Strat tremolo, is to go ahead and load them with 5 springs. You wont have that Floating Tremolo issue, and it holds tune better, imo.
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Agreed on float trem. Love mine and yes it holds tune much much better than you would think.

Also TS - it may help if you tell us exactly what bridge you have now or take a pic of it. Also learn how to adjust truss rods assuming you have one.
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^jimtaka - did you just get mod status?

No, I have been a Mod in the Acoustic & Classical forum since January 2007. I can't remember when I became a Super Mod, but I think it was sometime near the end of 2008... but I really can't remember.

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I've actually always liked lurking around this forum because I think this stuff is cool. I just never really had any useful knowledge or serious experience with any of it until I decided I wanted to get my own gear, and thus started trying out tons of it about a year ago
Often times Fender parts are NOT interchangeable with Squire parts. I agree you can probably have your guitar adjusted so it plays better, but if you do decide to buy a new bridge, make careful measurements before you buy.