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Just check it out cause I'm bad at describing things. Didn't make a drum track because my Beatcraft demo is out, and I just came up with this today. Name is randomly based off the scale most of the song is written in. Sorry the file is kinda quiet.

Crit for crit!
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hey man, good job. i like at 35 seconds when everything kind of kicks in. this was nice and trippy. i liked the effecs on guitar, they realy set the mood. this song is a hit with me. it does it. good job, it makes me feel a certain way. good composing too, and use of the scales. i think the recording could use a little tweaking, but it still sounded good.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=20971680#post20971680
Hey, thx for your crit...

I like the 'eastern' feel with trills and whatnot mixed with the mixolydian scale at the start.
Like above poster, I like it when the backing effect guitar kicks in.
I think the effect of the main guitar stands out the most at 1.06, really like this tone.
I quite like the solo, and the tone of the guitar there... really is the outstanding feature of the piece for me, rounds it off nicely.

In other words, Keep it up!
pretty cool song, the only thing id consider changing is that the backing guitar with the phaser that plays the whole time is a little much. at first it was kind of cool but it gets old long before the end of the song. my favorite part was probably the harmony close to the beginning, it had a really cool effect. the only other thing i might change if it were me would be to condense the song (it goes on a little long by my tastes but i realize thats all about personal preference).

i have a few songs on my profile if you want to check them out c4c
the effect you're using for your beat in the background is a good idea, though it clashes with the lead/main guitar. i think if you had the guitar with the phaser play the first bit then take that into the beat thing with a second guitar playing the main bulk of the song with an acoustic sound with quite a bit of reverb in there as well. dunno if you could EQ a guitar to sound like a bass but picking out the bass notes will help take a lot of the bright sounds out and balance it out more.
apart from that it's a good song idea with some more work this will be great the ideas are pretty solid. wish i had thought of using a phaser to keep the beat.
Thanks guys.

I kinda wanted the backing guitar thing to be more subtle, but since I didn't have drums I decided to make it stand out a little more as a beat keeper. When I add drums hopefully I can make that more subtle.
Well I dig it. This site is awesome- so many talented people and so many good ideas. Th evolume isn't too low but yes it could come up a hair. That a flange part should drop out when the guitar plays the lower picked-chords. But come back in when you start strumming. And try this when you are doing two guitars as a duet: make each guitar tone different. I find it creates a fuller sound and blends much better. Whoah the solo just came in and that is some crazy @ss tone you have there!! What did you do to get that sound? It's almost like a keyboard buzz sound. COOL! Here is the thing to watch out for.. Guitar is a mid-tone instrument so when you are layering more than one track of guitar, you really need to change the tone from one to the next so you fill the frequencies out more. Overall I thinks its a great idea and you should go with it. Try to pick spots to drop the flange part in and out, I think this will give more variety. Thanks for your crit and I'll talk 2 U later!!