I'm looking into buying a new guitar i want something that has a nice warm and deep sound and is great for blues rock but is also able to play any other style...I am thinking of the Rickenbacker 360 6 string what do you think and do you have any other suggestions?
i really dont have one but i dont want anything to crazy maybe like $900 range somewhere around there
Take a look at the ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe, the amber finish one has Duncan JB and a 59'. I love mine i play from blues to indie rock, to rock, to metal on that guy, makes my line6 not suck so bad. Check it out u may like it.
Call me crazy, but I would advise against buying a $900 electric guitar if you don't own an amp. Plus I don't know where in the world you think you are going to get a Rickenbacker 360 for $900, but if you find a place, please post it here
well i was just naming a price i think that the rickenbackers have a great sound and if you look a couple of posts above you will see that i have an amp and what kind it is
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i really dont have one but i dont want anything to crazy maybe like $900 range somewhere around there

Oh, my bad! I thought this post above was saying "i really dont have one" in response to the guy above that asking you what amp you play.
no problem and yea i was just naming a price i just started looking into rickenbackers and i didnt see the price but i think that when i play it i will decide if i want to send that kind of money
I really think you should get something like a squier classic vibe guitar + a low wattage tube amp and that should come easily under your budget I hope.
the thing is that i really dont want to buy a new amp i mostly use the setups on my mac's garage band and i am really just looking for a new guitar right now
If that's the case Fender Fat Strat + new pickup will use up the bulk of your budget and sound great. Schecter C-1 Classic, Washburn X-50 are both under your budget and great guitars.
Yeah, upgrade your amp and get a decent mid-range guitar as well. That will get you a lot closer to the tone you are looking for, I'll bet.
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I've been looking for a Rick 360. Lowest price i've found is $2300.
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^--- I've seen them for a little under $2000 before. Just thought I'd give you some hope
^-- I just checked and you have to request the price by e-mail. I requested a price check for the black finish and it was $1599.
it was run through a weekly special which was phone in only. the 330 was $999.