Hey everyone this is my cover on Fade to Black by Metallica. I just restarted playing guitar a month ago so please go easy on me with the comments.

Guitar - ESP M-II NTB!! (i'm liking this guitar more and more everyday :P)
Effect - just POD 2.0
Amp - Some crappy fender amp


thanks guys, i played it differently from kirk so many people thought i made many mistakes in other forums, but actually i just played it my way =/ it's kinda annoying when you change something to the way you like it and play it out then people say you made mistakes, but i guess it's just a part of performing other people's songs, if i wrote the song then no matter how ****ty i play people will call it "style" =S
not too bad actually.
some of your technique could use improvement such as vibrato and bends and stuff.. but overall it was pretty good. Some parts of the solo came out pretty well. Makes me want to learn it so I probably will later.

keep rockin' man =]
Oh yeah, and I like the recording .. i think someone already mentioned that you could use a bit of work on your bends. I love the fast section though .. personally i sweep it, but I dont think you're supposed to