Sooo as much as i hate doing it i gotta let it go...

Guitar is in dead mint condition not a scratch or anything. 10/10
Plays like a champ! No fret wear at all. Neck is straight as could be,also very fast and thin. Action is pretty low. I switched the pickups around and put the 85 in the bridge and the 81 in the neck to fit my taste better(easily switchable) Sounds like a beast!

Asking $650 or $675 w/T-No + Shipping OBO
Trades - Make me an offer

Unfortunately.. I'd love to keep it but it's this or my RGA321 and i will never let that thing go.
Would you be interested in a Fernandes Monterey with Emg's at all? It's got the 81 in the bridge 85 in the neck. I can take pictures and email them to you asap if you are interested at all.
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Such a beautiful guitar! If it didn't have a floyd rose I would take it off your hands.
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Interested in a Schecter C-1 Classic in Antique Amber? Plus a little bit of cash
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Take a look at my Parker P44 in my sig...trades?

Maybe..ill think about it.
I sold a dead mint one for $850. This is A DAMN STEAL!!!!

If someone doesn't buy this off you pronto, the world is going to end.
Good deals with: Edwardthegreat5, anulty09, hunterd_67
cats and dogs... living together.... MASS HYSTERIA!!!!

Bump for a beautiful guitar.
Good deals with: Edwardthegreat5, anulty09, hunterd_67
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I sold a dead mint one for $850. This is A DAMN STEAL!!!!

If someone doesn't buy this off you pronto, the world is going to end.

Looks like it's going to end.
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Have you thought about?

Not really,i like your guitar but im just waiting to see if mine sells.
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crimson red jackson rr3 plus cash?

I HATE RR's but thanks for the offer.
if it wasn't for the floyd i'd pick it up in a heart beat...

free bump
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How much would shipping cost to the UK?
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Trade for a Fender Koa Telecaster? Made in Korea, Seymour Duncan Alnico pickups, in really good shape with minor chip I can't even find and some belt scratches on the back. The top looks great, and the neck has an unusual amount of birdseye on it for this model of guitar. Guitar plays great and sounds fantastic. Let me know if you're interested and want some pictures of it. I'm in PA.
If I sell my Schecter C-1 Classic, I'll take this off your hands
You would have to ship it to the uK though.