hi, i have a spider III, (which im gonna replace with a nice tube amp as soon as i move out my flat, but currently i need an amp with a headphone jack)

anyway, i wanted to get some effects pedals for it but learnt the hard way that they dont work very well at all on it.
what i wanted to know is would a boost pedal work on it, (not sure if "boost pedal" is the right term but i i mean a pedal that will give me a volume boost for solos),
also would an EQ pedal woork too.

I used to have a spider and i can tell you from expierence that it does not take pedals well, so you are best to wait until you can buy yourself a nice tube amp like you said. I am sure i have seen some tube amps with a headphone jack but i may be mistaken. Ben
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No, the spider does not take pedals well at all. Save up for a new amp.
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