I've saved for a bit now, and can finally afford either of these. Till now I've used single effect pedals, but I think I'm just going to buy one of these multi-effects and not have to buy for a while again. So I've come to these two options, and I'd like to know which one you guys prefer, and why.

There may be a few staunch single-pedal guys here so I'll just say upfront, I don't want to spend thousands of dollars on an amp and single pedals anymore.

My current main guitars are Jackson Kelly KE3, ESP LTD MH-400 and a Epiphone LP. I have a Crate FW120 half stack, but I'm just tired of moving an amp around to gig,especially when you're playing at a low level stage with drunk people around, so I want a multi effect pedal that I can connect directly into the PA system with good sound. Which one should I go for, the GT-10 or the X3 Live? My main aim is to get some solid amp tones with some crazy distortion, but I'd like to get the overall better package. Let me know guys,thanks a ton!
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i guess they are pretty identical sounding... especially when it comes to distortion and amp modelling
the only advantages that the X3 has are the option to also connect a mic or a bass to it.
So you could use the bass and your guitars or two guitars through your multieffect at the same time
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It can sound much much better than in that vid. That guy has no clue how to dial in tones.

Either unit is great, I personally prefer the amp modelling of the X3, but the effects of the Boss.
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