So lets say i've got this Dsl 50w marshall head. it says its got 4/8/16 ohm... which cabinets can i connect this to? .. is it like.. min 50 watt cab? .. or do the ohms have a bigger influence than the watts? .. trying to understand how it all works out.. what are the smallest (quiet) and biggests (loudest) cabs i can connect this head to?
with a 50 watt head you will need to connect enough speakers to total at least a 50 watt load. No worries though, most single speakers already cover that. A vintage30 speaker is already 60 watt for example.

ohm is resistance, the more speakers you connect the more resistance you get. Connecting one speaker is 4 ohm, 2 speakers 8 ohm and 4 speakers 16 ohm.

Smallest you can connect would be a 4 ohm speaker with at least 50 watt. Largest...the sky is the limit so long you maintain the right ohmage.

In general you will want to have only slightly more watts on the speaker than on the amp though. If you use a 50 watt amp and a 200 watt cabinet, you will never get speaker breakup which can sound really good for most genres.

Hope this helps...
WTLTL 2011
oh wow thanks.. think i get it now.. .. i will continue my cab search now :P