Guitar shops online deliver to the UK? I can only think of GAK.. ZZounds..
merchant city music, dolphin music, andertons, thomann...

there are loads
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GAK also delivers in UK i think (maybe it's only in the UK they deliver)
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hundreds... how about digital village. They tend to be pretty cheap cos they wholesale

but yer it is literally hundreds of shops, most guitar shops have an online store of some sort nowadays
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dawsons is quite good
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all of the above, plus loads more. I like Red Dog Music, they're great
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pmt,hw music ,soundsgreat(my preferred store as their service surpasses excellent) etc (1000s) most stores do online sales.........go to google click on shopping type in what you want and you get loads of comparitive prices from alot of stores already mentioned, then goto your local store and start haggling.

buying online is foolish anyway........better buying in person
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