So I'm trying to get back in to metal again, and I was wondering if any one has suggestions for modern metal bands with cleaner vocals. I don't necessarily mean that they can't have any aggression to them--"gruffness" is definitely a plus for metal vocals as well as screaming as long as it is accompanied by coherent sections. I just happen to find vocals which are able to be understood much more appealing than constant neandrathal death grunts. Examples of what I am talking about are Baroness, High On Fire, Mastodon (especially the newer stuff), Om, newer In Flames (to a degree, at first I loved the singer's vocals but then I started to get the unshakable impression that he was forcing it), etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Opeth and the like?

Or some power metal bands like Kamelot or somethin?
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Cynic, Opeth, Nevermore,a lot of Amorphis, depends what you're in to.
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Nevermore, Biomechanical, Demons & Wizards, Iced Earth, Acid Bath.

And other stuff.
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You can understand HoF's lyrics? Can you communicate with grizzly bears as well?

Also, you need some Neurosis.

Deadit: and Gates Of Slumber too.
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Akercocke mix growls with crisp clean singing well. Artillery, Danish thrash band with some fantastic operatic vocals. Devastation - Death/Thrash band with gruff but clean vocals. Heathen, too. And Into Eternity.
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Scald And Candlemass.

Scald isn't really modern, but you should listen to them anyway.
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lol hahahah, silencer. bitch screams for the win
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Yes, Senthil don't scream. They choke.

Try some Electric Wizard, judging off the stuff you already listen too. Also try Hour of 13 for some good Sabbath worshiping
sonata arctica
+1 to silencer best vocals ever
stalaggh are ok, best to listen to a whole album before bed to feel the true power of the vocals.

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king diamond/ mercyful fate?

"The mind is its own place, and in itself

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king diamond/ mercyful fate?

Give Me Your Soul is some good modern Metal.
Katatonia. Their guitarist does screams now and again in the background.
Also, Alter Bridge. They're more associated with Modern Rock but you're bound to enjoy them.
Symphony X and Scar Symmetry are the first two to come to mind but, of course there are more.

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Give Me Your Soul is some good modern Metal.

oh yeah, i forgot it had to be modern. that album was ok at best, and terrible compared to MF's first 3 albums and KD's previous efforts.

"The mind is its own place, and in itself

Can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n"

- John Milton, Paradise Lost
Shouldn't this thread be locked...

Not only is it meant for the rec' thread, but it's also a VERY general question, being that a huge majority of metal bands "sing" their vocals as opposed to gutturals/shrieks.
The later Amorphis is deffo worth checking out. The vocalist does both clean and grunts, but is well understandable on the extreme side.

And I sort of agree with the previous post. There's some bands mentioned in the first post at least...