Thinking about selling My 1982 Ibanez Rocket Roll in cherry red, Upgraded pickups to Seymour Duncan JB in bridge & Seymour Duncan classic/vintage something like that anyways, it is in really good condition for its age, just a couple of battle scars to note.
Great sound, Great Feel.

This guitar has been good to me for 6 years now, used on many of my recordings due to its stunning sound, however it sees little use now a days, not really appropriate to use in a Maiden tribute band and my other band i Floyd rose guitars

So any serious offers come in you could land your self a cracking guitar
Let me know if any one wants any pics emailing, you can easy find some pics on google though.
oh yes comes in fitted hard case


have you put this in the gear ads page?
I shouldn't post when drunk..

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Dude, how could you sell a Gem like that!?!?!

Anyway.....could you post a picture of it up?

Havent seen any good guitar porn in a while
I would want to buy that.
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any more offers to come?? gotta couple in now, hadda couple of swap offers also, still waiting for the right cash offer,
would consider a cheap epiphone,charvel/kramer plus cash
1. If it was one with the flame top in cherry sunburst, I'd be all over this.

2. You'll have better luck selling it elsewhere, dude. Put it on your local craigslist or something.