Hey guys, so i've been using Quantum Leap Hardcore Bass for some time now on my recordings but i've always had this problem that the bass won't go lower then a low B, i've heard people record with drop A supposedly using the same program for bass, so i was wondering if you guys had any ideas or tips as to how i could get hardcore bass to go lower, I write alot of messhugahish kind of stuff so something that could go to atleast drop A would def be ideal thanks guys.
no im talking about the program, i don't have a bass thats why i use it, i can program the bass with it and it has all the bass samples for notes and whatnot jut like a drum sequencer or whatever, its just that i cant get anything below a low B to play in the program
oh, i didn't know that. download a couple of the free pitch shifting plugins, if they don't sound any good, download the demo of Guitar Rig 3, clear all the effects and amps and just have the pitch shifter in that there. the one in guitar rig 3 sounds good as well but if you go too low it gets muddy.
What I would recommend is, sequence your melodies like normal, but leave out all the notes that will be A. Then do a seperate sequence where you do all the notes that will be A, but do them on the low B. Then pitch shift only that sequence, so the only notes that are pitch shifted are the B to A notes. It should come out sounding fairly natural that way.

That's the best way that I can think of. Btw, what's your DAW program?