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This has been happening a lot lately, particularly on Myspace. Does it annoy anyone else?

Example :

RIP Tom Searle.
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I'll cumshot that

Edit: Anyday

Ouch. I just cut my self on your wit!
Nope, for the most part it's cute.

EDIT: I would fucking ruin that chick in the OP. Oh my god.
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Ouch. I just cut my self on your wit!

Can I ... you know sig that?
Not as much as the "take a pic with the camera held above my head" thing.
Could you try any harder to say "I think I'm fat and want to hide the double chin I think i have, and if you ever met me, I'd constantly whine about being fat".
It's usually hipsters that wear that sort of over-sized glasses.
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Makes me want to punch people in the throat, especially if they sport the hitler youth hair as well, take off the glasses and get a proper haircut you twat.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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yeah pretty annoying.. specially if you can't see through them. 80% of the time the chicks ugmo as if she has those huge glasses on, either that, or its sunny :P.

Wearing them inside is a dead giveaway
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wow... myspace still exists beyond the music side of things?

Unfortunately so.
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Because Facebook is obviously so much better.
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Because Facebook is obviously so much better.

it means i dont have to put up with annoying profile layouts and 99% of profile pics (for people my age atleast) aren't selfshot poses they're just photos from being out and about. Nor do i have to pause someones profile song every time i load their page.
That line green bow makes me want to yank it out of her freaking head.

And, her glasses are clear, so it's not she's hiding any ugliness. Quite the contrary, actually...

I wish I had a face like that.
I think they're quite quirky and alright. There's a couple of guys and girls wear the big wayfarers (think Bluesbrothers but clear) at school, I think they look pretty cool. I don't know if they actually need glasses though? One girl always has the mick taken, as they are just windows!! NHS Specs > Huge glasses though.
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You've missed the train. This has been occurring for several years.
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I did a portrait of my friend Sylvie, who wears really big glasses;

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I would be angry too if there were turds on my head.
For gods sake guys, she's like, 12.
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For gods sake guys, she's like, 12.

Notice the lack of boobs
i think it's loserish for people to wear glasses if they don't need them. if they're prescription, then get big ones for all i care, but there's this girl at my school who wears big black wayfarers with no lenses in them, they're just empty frames, which to me seems ridiculously tryhard scene.
people shouldn't wear glasses without a prescription. some of us HAVE to wear those things you know
sunnies on the other hand, are fine for anyone to wear, because everyone has a good reason to wear them.
^ I'm recommended to wear glasses, purely to protect my one good eye. Where do I fit?
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