Out of Pace - Very Placebo vox slightly teenagery though. Like the guitar delay line sounds like a theremin. The guitars in general need to be mixed higher and are abit dry. Nothing wrong with the playing though. Keyboards are cool and airy but get abit repetitive.

Alley of the Cold - Keyboard setting sounds very cheap in the intro. Vocals need to be mixed higher. Could be a really weird Meat Puppets like track, could be cool. Cant tell if the falsetto sections serious or not but its really funny and quirky

Drugs and Hugs - Best name so far. If the drums were abit more groovy would be a very cool riff. The chorus sounds like theres something missing in it, abit of an anti climax. All the parts work but just needs an extra synth line or guitar part to thicken it out. Distortion is abit fizzy for the lead part, could be really cool if there was a filter or something on the guitar would really add character.

Your band reminds me of Meat Puppets and abit of Sparks. Lots of potential, just not recorded well

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hey man, thanks for your detailed advice, we really appreciate it. unfortunately, for now we record our songs on our own gear and i'm clearly no sound tech, haha. our gear isn't the best either, but i'll try my best to change something here and there following your tips.

i'll give yours a go in a sec!
update! added pictures of us on the front page so y'all can see the people behind the music!
Very awesome band name ha.
Out of Pace
Love the vocalist and just the overall out-there-feel of the music with the strong vocals.

Drugs and Hugs
Once again love the vocalist. good bass tone and riff on intro. great recording quality for sure.

Alley Of the Cold
Jesus i love the intro. nice acoustic feel with a very different feel. very good song. love how chill it is.

Overall some very good tunes here.
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