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The purpose of this thread is just as the title. How are you today? Good day ahead? Bad day ahead? Feeling good? Feeling bad?

For example.

Today is my last day at work. I am sitting in my office on my computer with nothing to do so i said to myself, hell lets make a thread in the pit because i probably will have no work to do today and i need something to pass the time. Im feeling pretty crappy due to the fact that im sick, didnt get enough sleep and have to run home during my lunch break to pack my all my guitar **** that i need to bring with me to go to a rehersal right after work.

*while this particular day is kinda negative the posts should not necessarily be so*

So pit. How are you today?
I took my pillz.

I should be alriet! LSPOVJwref

jk, I'm fine, and you, the user below me?

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before de oder guys, nobody dere, you know.
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Not bad thanks. Just watching an episode of House, might smoke some weed in a bit.

I live a busy life.
I'm quite alright, thanks. It's looking out to be another useless summer vacation day. I like those days.

How are you, valuable member of the community, you there below me?

S t a i r s s r i a t S

I'm doing okay. Girl problems, but who cares? Going to work in a few minutes.

How are you, user below me?
I'm leaving soon. In fact, I'm going to take my shower right now. Good bye pit, I'll be gone for a week
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I don't know what's going on...

But I'd like to know this from you, my dear user beneath me!
Oh, you wouldn't want an angel watching over
Surprise, surprise, they wouldn't wanna watch
im good thanks, chillaxing with a guitar and a few mates...

how are you, next user?
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im ok thanks, half asleep contemplating rolling a cig and making a coffee.

And you, Next user?

Just recovering from a severe cold, but thanx for asking..
Looking forward to my vacation... so close yet so far away....

But 'nough about me, how about you? pit monkey below me?
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banned cause im fine because of your avatar! it blasts happyness everytime i see it!!

definitly the best avatar ever I=Cookie

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I'm feeling pretty homosexual to be honest.

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Life has aborted.
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Yeah I'm pretty good, had some cheerios and waiting for my mate to come round for some recording.
Set to be good.
How is below me guy?

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Not bad. Revelling in a round of 74 I got playing golf

I have a pretty average day coming up but I'm seeing my lady so it's not too bad.

edit: and you below me?
not great. its almost 9am here and i've yet to sleep. im a week deep in not smokin cigs, and nic fitting like a fiend. dumb fights with my girl on top of that. for whatever reason, she'd rather not tell me about things that upset her, and instead let her frustrations manifest in the form of her being batsh!t crazy towards me about nothing....


howr you, guy below me?
not too bad, got some opeth on, got some lads coming over in a half hour or so to start up a screamo band for the lulz.
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You should be using UG classic.

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i hat summer break theres never anything interesting to do while everyones gone to see family or gone to some obscure beach resort in some obscure country
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not great. its almost 9am here and i've yet to sleep. im a week deep in not smokin cigs, and nic fitting like a fiend. dumb fights with my girl on top of that. for whatever reason, she'd rather not tell me about things that upset her, and instead let her frustrations manifest in the form of her being batsh!t crazy towards me about nothing....


howr you, guy below me?

Are you me?
Tired, but other than that pretty good. Laid back week at work. How are you, person below me?
I'm happy . I finally decided to watch the first episode of the show "Weeds" for the first time today. God have I been missing out on a great show!
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I you for posting this.

<-- Pretty much sums me up


^ I was there
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not bad.. not really done much all day other than play guitar.. and got some peeps coming round later so should be good..
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So fucking frustrated. The Financial Aid office at my school is so fucking incompetent...and IT'S COSTING ME MONEY. FUCK THEM.

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I'm feeling great. Just got a new guitar, Wine Red Fender MIM HSS Strat, for $300. Eating a Pulled Pork sammich. Watching Pulp Fiction. All is good.
My life isn't particularly good or particularly bad at the moment. It's more just.. boring. My girlfriend is on vacation and she's basically the only friend I ever actually hang out with. All I do every day is surf the pit, read, play guitar/bass, study music theory, do chores for my mom and sit around in front of a fan because it's so damn hot to do anything else!
I am pretty good. I beat the Star Cup in Mario Power Tennis. Everything is pretty good, but I am really bored and really thirsty (there are no drinks in my house and I don't have the spare cash.)
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Eh, I'm doin' pretty good. Not much to do, but that's okay.

And how are you, fellow pit-goer below me?
Two weeks, you may as well just give up now.

Today i whent to college orientation and registered for classes. It was pretty good. Made some new friends. However it was hot as balls and the campus im going to is pretty big.
Im still sick, ive got this little cough that is getting very annoying.

Its friday night and im at home.
Pretty fucking good. Got some quality training in, built more of mine and my friend's obstacle course, diet was good, ate clean all day.

I feel great.
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I'm doing quite good today, though, my friend sprayed disk cleaner into my eye, then repeatedly said "Tyler, I didn't spray disk cleaner in your eye." even though I saw him do it, and there was disk cleaner around my eye, and on my eye lid.

Needless to say, violent acts were taken towards this individual, because he does **** like this all the time and I'm starting to get a little pissed.

Other then that, it was a pretty good day, boring, but O.K..
Punch him again for me and the Pit^

I'm fine thank you for asking (sarsasm, BTW). It rained. I like rain. Rain puts me in a good mood. And I jammed today.

And how are you, my fellow UGer and Piter (Is that the right word? Piter?)
I'll pretend I can mod your amp but break it instead.
Frustrated as hell..... Women are Facking insane Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day

And how was your day fellow Pit Monkey/ Pitopotamus below?
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I slept most of the day. I love sleep .

I still have to feed my dog (I have to actually cook his food. He's allergic to dog food) which takes a bit of time, and I have a bunch of clothes to iron. Yay.

I wish I went outside earlier because the weather was great today. Oh well =).
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Today has been boring but intresting, woke up and my friend bailed on me to go shopping with his parents for Holiday stuff then talked to this girl I like all day Gonna be spending most of the week next week with her So not a bad day
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been raining today and i worked all day but going home to smoke a fat blunt (very fat) and play some rockband how about the Pitmonkey below me XD
My plans for the weekend got cancelled. Lucky me.
Kiss with a fist, lovely heterosexuals.
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