ok i go a boss ge-7 eq about a month ago. i have some setttings that i lke but i want more. i dont want really common 1s like the smile. i want some good settings. thats all
actualy i use a fender twin and i mess around a lot. i just want to know any cool settings that i dont know about. but i dont want a lot of noise, good treble and bass, just a really thrash/ death/ black/ teck metal tones. anything good
Quote by ±ahriman±
yea i want the kfk one

It's the same as the usual 10-band, just with 2 outputs and stupid tribal graphics.

Go for scooped mids or bat wings.
the twin is old and if you know how to use them they can sound pretty heavy.you just have to know how to dial in the right tone.
bat wings suck. and the kfk somehow has more distortion or its made for lots of distortion or something like that.