I am getting a new guitar to replace my existing squire strat. I am planning to spend up to around £700.

Does anyone have any suggestions/comments about the gibson les paul studio faded, or the prs se custom 24??

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with both gibsons and prs SEs you pretty much have to play the exact one before you buy it. both companies arent really super careful with quality control on their lower end stuff, so there is a decent proportion of the guitars that arent good. i havent tried that model of gibson, but thats my experience with their stuff. same with PRS, but i have played a bunch of their different SE models. i have one that plays damn well imo, but ive also played some that were kinda bad. most fall in between and are on the higher end of fine, but being able to play the exact one you want to buy can really help you find one that is good.
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What Music Do You Play?

I play green day and nickelback mainly, but I want a guitar with a thicker sound than my strat.

Thanks for the advice
Have you tried playing either of them yet? If not I'd suggest going to a decent sized shop and trying out everything they have in your price range before you make a decision.
i have a good local guitar shop, but they don't stock gibsons I might have to go further afield.
So try out what they do stock and find somewhere else to try some Gibsons

Roughly where in UK are you?