I'm just about to finish my strat project and I come across a torn apart les paul on craigslist. Perfect for the next project. I'm just a little worried though, its a neck and body seperate. How do I know if the body is truly a Gibson. Also i've never worked on a guitar with a set neck, anything I should be aware of. Heres the link to the craigslist ad http://detroit.craigslist.org/msg/1293971918.html
doesnt look like one at all ! the inlays look really fake and im pretty sure gibson didnt have any bolton lp's!!!
it's a knock off! several clues give it away. no les paul has front loaded controls, the inlay on the headstock is no correct for a lp custom, it's too small and not the correct design. also it looks like the word gibson was some sort of glued on raised logo. plus the tip of the head stock doesn't have a notch in the the center.
i'm sure it's some asian made thing. however if you want to spend the $100 on it just to mess with, go ahead. and feel glad you didn't mess up a real les paul.
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Damn, within 20 min I have 5 quality replies. Thanks for the help guys. I'm just gonna wait til I find one of the thousands of lp's floating around with a broken headstock.
the guy i got to only charges 50.00 bucks maximum to fix the headstock but i dont know what other people charge or if you can do it yourself.
The Inlays coudl be real though they look fake, one may say the image quality is ****ty.
The neck could just be glued out, it does not look like a bolt on, at least what I see.
But what I saw that made me feel it was cheap, was the inlay on the headstock, the tuners, those cheap tuners are not gibson worthy, and of course the binding on the headstock, it is not a real gibson shape
NO. For starters, its a bolt on if you look at the neck joint.

Looks like one of those early 80s (by Kay I think) ones with the large pickguard on the front with built in fx. Worth next to nothing
Haha of course it's a fake it's craigslist! Oj, but yeah clearly a fake.

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