I have a Mesa Boogie 4X12 cabinet and a B-52 amp. Its a very nice amp but its too big, I never need it any louder than 3 or 4 on the volume knob. Plus, its really hard to take anywhere. I am going to sell it and get a combo amp in its place. What would be a good combo amp to get for around 800 or 900 dollars?
My first choice is a Traynor YCV50 Blue 112 Combo.
Any reccomendations/suggestions?
The question here is: do you like the sound of the B-52?

If so, I'd keep it. You don't need to crank the volume of your amp to get good tone, you know...
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What is the B52 too loud for? Bedroom practice or shows? this will tell me if I should reccomend a practice amp or a bigger gigging tube.
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its too loud for shows, and too big for most stages I play on. I just want to get a good small amp that would sound good but not be too big to carry anywhere. also, i play anything from classic rock to metal.