I rearranged the song for some interesting synth sounds and stuff. I think my vocals are alright as well. I will be re-recording them at some point so I can get better tonality (my whole family was present when I recorded them, which equals a lot of tension, haha).

You're going to need to turn up the volume to probably, I am still learning how to mix and compress properly. It also just kind of dies at the end, I will be fixing that.
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Very nice voice! It's a shame you don't have a better mic, or maybe turn up the vocal track a bit? The synth/bells seemed to dominate over them sorta. On that note, bearing in mind this is completely my opinion, I think the bell chimes you used may be too bright and cheery for a dark/moody song, so perhaps dull them down?
But excellent job either way!
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I love love love your voice And I love this song. I actually really like it Your voice would be perfect for singing Waltz #1 by Elliott Smith.

The mix sounds incredibly cloudy though. Ideally you want to assign each instrument their own sonic space in terms of frequency. With this song it sounds like all the instruments are occupying the same frequency bands, hence the muddiness.

I do think the bells are are a bit too cheery, maybe you could put more reverb on them? Make them sound spookier?

if you could check out my cover of "Unlucky Charm" on my profile i'd really appreciate it

p.s. where did you get that picture from?
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I think the song has a little too much "pop" to it. Traditionally it's a spooky-ish/darker song, and that isn't captured well here. Obviously since it's your cover you can do it however you want though
Thanks guys for the comments, especially regarding the my voice. I have been trying to train my voice a lot over the past year or so. This is actually the first song I didn't use auto-tune on, haha.

I think if I drop the bells down an octave it may sound a bit "darker."

Laces Out Danny, would you mind explaining more about the frequency's and mixing/mastering? I have very little knowledge of mixing so its basically a guessing game with the EQ and Compression stuff. If you have a link or something to a website that explains it properly that would be sweet.

I will comment your songs in return!


I found that picture on some black metal bands website. It made me laugh and I thought it was badass, especially these days with all the environmentalist people.
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