the other day i found an old yamaha portasound pss-130 in my shed and decided to doodle around with it and i found out that i have natural penchant for writing melodies on keyboard even though i have no piano/keyboard experience

how come i cant do this on guitar which i have been playing for around 2-3 years
Could be multiple things.

It could be due to the fact a keyboard's sound is more consistent, so the focus lies more on the note choice, then the sound.

It could also be, because on a keyboard, it's easier to play any note from any note.

Perfect fourths for example require barring across strings on a guitar, and some of the other intervals are not as intuitively hit, because of the way a guitar is layed out.

It could also be that you've became used to playing with "ur muscles", and not your ears.

No experience on a keyboard, means that you can only use ur ears to judge what sound "Right" or "works:.

Personally, I think the last of the above mentioned, is the reason.

This is not an uncommon phenomenon.

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^ That. I find that if I want to do something new on guitar I have to do something uncomfortable, because if I've done it many times before than I'd be comfortable with it.
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Quote by xxdarrenxx

keyboards have a more consistent sound

i think this maybe right because i tried to play some of my sheet music (with bass& treble clef) on the keyboard and it worked perfectly but when i used my guitar it felt i was miles behind my keyboard
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