So my friend just told me he tried to record from an output socket of some Hybrid Marshall head of his.

not connected to any speaker,but into his soundcard(i believe) he said his recordings sounded ****ed up and very soft & broken kind of sound.

my question , I dont believe you can do this with Tube heads (without any capictor or whatever its called for the 16 ohms right?) because then your head blows up.

That right he?

but do Hybrid amps also get same damage when done that way? and will it only be his pre-amp tubes? or could he **** everything up?
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I think a hybrid amp will take some damage as well, i'm not sure if it's only the pre-amp tubes or not that actually take the beating, but i'm not sure. without looking at it idk if he messed it up completely or not
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Any amp with some sort of line out/headphone out/recording out can do that without any damage to the amp. However, pluggin it from the ext. speaker out would damage the amp wether it's SS, all tube, hybrid or whatever.