So I'm ordering this kitThe Kit and I've been thinking of things to do to it to make it my own. I am planning on buying diffrent pickups and stuff from guitar fetish. But anway I want to if installing a strat style trem on the Sg kit is a good idea or a bad one. Will it affect tuning stability? How would I go about routing it?
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im fairly certain that the strat body isnt thick enough for a strat style trem. or at least i remember reading that somewhere anyway, and it makes sense since the body is thin.
^ I think you mean the SG body is too thin for the Strat trem. The Strat body should be the right size for the Strat trem.
what about a bigsby or bigsby style trem? dunno how much they go for though, and its not quite the same.
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.