A quick question I have seen some amps out there that have the usual 3 eq's, volume, reverb, and a Gain knob. This gain knob.... does it do the same job as a normal overdrive pedal? I would think it is, what do you guys think?
huh ?
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by any chance do you mean does it distort the tone like a distortion pedal?
Uhh, yeah. But the tone, amount of gain, etc varies from pedal to pedal and from amp to amp.
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Do you mean that an overdrive and distortion pedals are based off of amp overdrive and distortion?
by any chance do you mean does it distort the tone like a distortion pedal?

yes, sorry if its kind of confusing. I know that many pedals have their own tone to them, I was wondering it that gain knob was the same as a pedal.
the gain knob is going to set the ammount of preamp gain on the amp, and the volume is going to be the overall volume. so the lower the gain knob is set, the less gain from the amp. higher the gain knob, more gain from the amp. then the volume knob adjusts the ammount of overall volume by controlling the power amp. most metal bands use preamp gain to get their sound (gereralization) and classic rock bands were a lot more poweramp gain (generalization) because they did not have master volume knobs. which basicly means they couldnt control the preamp gain separately, just the overall volume of the amp.
What everyone else said, except the volume is only going to effect the gain with a tube amp really. As the tubes " break up" at higher volumes.