Just posted these up a couple days ago, tell me what you think of em

The Comedian- mostly inspired by the graphic novel The Watchmen. Its about how we tend to laugh off serious topics that bother us.

Lazy Sunday- a song for my grandpa who died last year.

Anyways, check em out and tell me what you think.
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i listend to the comedian. great singing. you have a great range. very bob dylan ish sounding. my only complaint would be there seems to be no chorus. that same progression goes on and on. i know thats how allot of folk songs are, but this needs a chord change in the middle. also maybe some kind of intro for it. lyrics are okay, but kind of hard to follow. good job man. keep it up.

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Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, im going to add something else towards the end of the song to change it up a bit. The actual version has a full band come in after the first "nothing to say at all" line, unfortunately someone spilt beer all over the laptop with the master tracks on it lol.
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