so i am missing a intonation screw in my floyd and i cant get a replacement easily i actually have to import one in. Is it possible to use a regular screw as a temporary fix?
honestly, i have no idea, thts a damn good question i nvr thought to ask here cuz im missing one to
erm, that blows. i think that they sell parts to Floyd Roses online, Like eBay and junk. look around. in the meantime, i personally wouldn't risk using a screw in place of an actual part, but it is your call
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Are you talking about the saddle mounting screw?

I'm pretty sure that is just a regular old cap screw, you could use one from anywhere.
I don't know if this is what you're talking about but this place has parts for floyd roses that aren't that expensive. I myself need to buy some replacement string clamp screws because 1 or 2 are stripped.

here's the link http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bridges,_tailpieces/Floyd_Rose_tremolos_and_parts/String_Lock_Screws_for_Floyd_Rose_Locking_Tremolo.html
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