I was on craigslist and found this listed for $150 USD, its a PRS Santana SE


I've never really played a PRS before, so i looked at reviews online and they seem pretty good, i've also heard lots of good things about the brand in general. I know this one is made in Korea, not the US, but will that impact the quality at all? Also, would this be a good deal? The retail prices have varied from $400-600 USD from the reviews i've found.
Quote by BamaBlues
a PRS for $150? yeah go buy it now

An SE but just buy it
Hey man, I love mine, and payed way more for it. Go for it if you have the extra cash. Could always sell for profit?
i almost bought one, but i really didn't like the tiny weird looking pickguard on it but for $150?! as long as it's still got a neck on it i say go for it, great deal!
The Santana SE was the very first PRS SE model and when they came out people raved about them and by people I mean the guys that do reviews in guitar mags. I played one a few years back and I thought it was a pretty good guitar for the $500 price tag when new. If this thing isn't beat all to hell it is definitely worth $150. A new set of pickups and some locking tuners and it would rival a lot of far more expensive guitars and you probably still wouldn't have in it what it cost new.