Im think of switching from .11's to regular slinky .10's. I've been using .11's almost a year know but i find it hard to play and i don't use drop tunings apart from drop D occasionally and Half step down.

Would this be bad for my guitar and would it be easier to play?
It's not "bad" for your guitar, you just have to set it up.
And yes, it will be easier to do vibratos and bendings.
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I just went from 10's to 9's and the adjustment is minimal. Re-tensioned the bridge springs, re-set the intonation and set the bridge height by a fraction. Plays better than ever.
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You don't have to get it setup the "pro" way...do it yourself! It's not that hard...The only thing is IF you need to adjust the truss rod try to be carefull! If you don't feel like it though and have any doubts get it to a pro!

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i personally find it harder to play on 10s because the tension on 11s makes it easier for me but just put them in and see if they work better for you
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