I intend to get some new pedals next month. Should I buy an MFX like the Boss ME 70, or buy 3 or 4 compacts? My bydget is ~USD 300, cant pay more than USD400. If I go for compact, how about suggestions on which ones aremost commonly used? I play mostly metal. Dont suggest a wah, they are reaaaally pricey in my area.
new amp. You can get a decent amp used for 400 bucks.
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if you dont use a lot of different effects i would recommend individual boxes. if you use a lot of effects or you dont know what sound you want get a multifx pedal.
i didnt see what amp you had. get a decent amp.
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Dont waste your money on pedals that you don't know you will use. You shouldn't buy pedals just cause you have money in your pocket, but buy them for the sake of adding to your tone.

Also what ^ said. Use that money for an amp.
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new amp. You can get a decent amp used for 400 bucks.

a) Used amps here are usually too beat up
b) for USD 400, you'll probably get an MG30
c) High end tube amps probably cost more than what I eanr in a decade, thanks to ginormous import tax
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Amps are **** pricey here. Which is why I'm not even considering it.

Then perhaps you should save.
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In India at that budget you're better off with a decent MFX, unless you just want a few FX, like an OD/DS, delay, chorus and a reverb perhaps. Check out the Vox Tonelabs, perhaps, depending on your style of music.
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Crap amp+Crap multifx= Bleeding ears. Get a job, save up little by little for an amp. It took me 2 years to get my first really nice amp.
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