My friends C1-FR Schecter is unable to be tuned because of the locking mechanisms on by the tuners can someone please tell me if to remove them I need an alen wrench or if schecter manufactures something they just forget to include when he purchased the guitar. Thank you.
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Yes you do need an allen key. Prob can get at any hardware store. My guitar came with a set of allen keys though
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I would have him def. look up a tutorial on tuning a Floyd Rose tremolo. Judging by your post it doesn't seem like he is going to know what he is doing with it.

For instance, even if you get the tuning locks off, if you tune it like a normal guitar it won't work. You have to block the trem and a bunch of other fun ****.

Good Luck! I also had that guitar as my first OFR.
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Thank god for youtube. Thanks guys he knows what he's doing now.
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